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Upstaging - Staging & Crew

Established in 2001, Upstaging is one of the East Midlands leading staging and crew companies. Stocking 1500m2 of Layher based staging and suppliers of experienced production and staging crew. Upstaging is proud to supply flexible and adaptable solutions to the events industry both locally, nationally, across Europe and beyond.

Stage Supply

Upstaging hire stages for all manner of events whether indoors or out. Our Layher based system is robust, flexible and adaptable, with a host of extra components such as; roofs, ramps, towers and stairs.

As a company we specialise in technical builds. From small single level front of house towers to more complex multi-level production towers. From simple production ramps to access ramps for accessible viewing platforms, our flexi ramp system can be configured to any angle required. Upstaging prides itself on its ability to build bespoke temporary structures; whether you require a control tower over a handrail, a temporary ramp straddling street furniture or a stage platform levelling out steps. Any structure you conceive, we can achieve.

The technical bit

The sub-structure for all our stages, towers and ramps is Layher's Allround scaffolding system. Topped by heavy duty aluminium beams and 24mm phenolic plywood decking, the system offers loadings of 7.5kn/m2 with a bay size of 2.07 metres. Layher's Allround scaffolding system is much stronger and more flexible than similar products on the market.

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Crew Supply

Upstaging supply fully qualified and experienced production and staging crew. From a small team of stage crew for a one-off show, to a large team of touring crew for a full tour. All crew are experienced in general crew work and include; climbers, steel hands, spot ops, wardrobe assistants, stage hands and fork operators to name but a few. Most of our crew are multi-skilled and can carry out many tasks above and beyond general requirements. Upstaging recruit and supply crew who are repeatedly requested because of their professionalism, attention to detail and work ethic.

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Tour Bus

Upstaging can offer both accommodation and transport for all our touring crew, with our 16-berth tour bus. This has proved popular when providing crew and accommodation for festival sites as well as being able to independently transport and accommodate our crew throughout the UK and Europe. In house transport ensures we are never late for a show and our crew are well rested and ready for the job at hand.

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